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From security to boarding, we help airlines & airports create a just walk on experience for every flight
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What is Airboard?

Airboard is a digital queueing application that removes physical queues where large crowds meet. Our products improve both the passenger experience and turn-times on commercial flights.

Who is it for?

Airboard's STRIDA digital queueing platform works for airports, airlines and places where large crowds meet.

Airboard = Virtual Queueing

Remove physical queues whilst maintaining order

Airboard's powerful algorithm gives passengers a personalised queueing time on their phone - removing stress and bottlenecks.

Stop crowding in places where queues form

Just-in-time boarding gives time back to passengers to enjoy within your terminal.

Reduce stress and start your flight right

95% of passengers agree Airboard is the most hassle-free way to board. Once seated, there's no need to get up again for others.

Boarding sucks

For over 100 years, boarding commercial airplanes has been a hassle. The issue is complex and leads to long queues, slower turn-times & poor retail engagement. 

Why choose Airboard?

We’ve listened to passengers, airports and airlines to develop Airboard’s complex digital boarding platform.

Our powerful STRIDA platform, with patent-pending software, communicates live queueing updates direct to your passengers' smart phone - so they have all their information at their fingertips!

Golden Hour ++

Airboard eliminates the need to wait at the gate. Passengers get time to relax and enjoy their journey - hassle free!
Industry average

Save time & space

of passengers prefer Airboard to other boarding methods

to board a full 737-800

extra dwell time per passenger

Get passengers onboard - fast!

No two flights are the same. Optimise service and performance with the best boarding order for each flight

Get passengers onboard faster

No two flights are ever the same. That's why we created Airboard to get the best boarding order for each flight.

Secure API Connection
Customise your preferred boarding method
Airboard’s advanced sorting algorithms
Connect existing apps

Delicious UX

A seamless user experience for every passenger to enjoy. Elevate your boarding pass with gorgeous graphics and new functionality that gives your passengers the live communication they need throughout the terminal.

No install required, no app to download.

Engage passengers

Put a spotlight on your other offerings.

Airboard makes it easy for passengers to purchase your ancillary services & retail offerings.

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